North Carolina Hunters for the Hungry, Inc.
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About Us

The North Carolina Hunters for the Hungry, Inc. is a coalition of conservation and nonprofit organizations working with corporations, individuals and state agencies.  Their shared goal is to be actively involved in the fight against hunger and malnutrition in North Carolina.  The primary focus of this coalition is to efficiently utilize legally harvested whitetail deer, an abundant natural resource in our state.
North Carolina Hunters for the Hungry, Inc (hereafter NCHFTH) was founded in 1993 as a 501 c (3) tax exempt, non-profit organization.  NCHFTH utilizes existing food distribution systems to provide ground venison to women's shelters, soup kitchens, church pantries and other community based resources providing assistance to needy individuals and families.  Legally harvested deer are donated by licensed hunters for processing at facilities inspected by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture.  An effort is made to return the processed venison back to the region from where the deer was harvested.

Participation by hunters led to the donation and processing of over 1,000 deer last year, resulting in more than 20 tons of ground venison being provided to those less fortunate in our communities.  This number only reflects the potential for the future benefits provided through this program and its sponsors.

NCHFTH is made possible by the help of many organizations, businesses and concerned individuals who donate significant time, resources and logistic support to further the program's goals.  Major supporters have provided long term support to NCHFTH. Among major contributors are the following organizations and agencies, Wake County Wildlife Club, Inter-Faith Food Shuttle, NC Bowhunters Association, Triangle Chapter of Safari Club International, NWTF, Friends of the NRA, Buckmasters, Bass Pro Shops, Dick's Sporting Goods, NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, and Gander Mountain.
How to Donate Deer
1.  All deer donated must be harvested and reported in accordance with the appropriate rules and regulations of the NC Wildlife Resources Commission.
2.  Deer must be delivered to a NCHFTH designated processing facility, with inspection approval from the NC Department of Agriculture.
3.  Deer must be received by processors, in an acceptable condition.
4. A donor card must be completed to authorize the processor to possess the deer and identify the successful hunter.
5. Deer delivered to most processors must be cleaned and dressed, including removal of hide and hooves before they can be accepted by the processor.  Some processors can accept whole deer and will provide skinning and dressing services.  Please contact the processor prior to delivery to determine the requirements for the  specific facility.  
6.  Hunters may donate whole, half or part of a deer to the program.  The venison is ground into "burger" for ease of cooking.  Packages of frozen venison are distributed to the shelters, soup kitchens and other agencies.
7. NCHFTH will reimburse program participation processors at an agreed upon rate for their labor, services and supplies.

We Need Your Help!
Your contributions to this effort are not only welcome, but also needed.  The costs of processing and delivery continue to increase.  Your generous contributions will help provide wholesome, nutritional food for hungry and malnourished individuals.  The demand is always greater than our capacity to provide  Your help is appreciated.  Please see our "Donate" page for information about financial support.

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